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Svobody Ave, 5, SC "Plasma"
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Interest in Apple products is becoming more and more not only abroad, but also in Ukraine. "Green Apple" took into account the wishes of our citizens and created their own online store, where each of you can easily buy products from Apple at an affordable price!
How to place an order with us and pay for it you can find out in the section "Payment". In this section, we will tell you about the ways of delivering your orders.

By placing an order in an online store, our customers are provided with timely and reliable delivery of goods both in Lviv and throughout the country. "Green Apple" presents such options for getting ordered goods in our store.

Ways of delivery:

Location in Lviv

Having chosen this option, you can personally pick up the goods from our warehouse at the address: Lviv, Svobody 5 Ave., mts. Plasma, 2nd floor.

Courier service "Nova Poshta"

With the delivery of "Nova Poshta" you will easily get the goods being even in the most remote corners of Ukraine. On average, delivery takes from 1 to 3 days. At the time of ordering, before sending the goods, our managers will agree on the time of delivery.
The cost of delivery through the "Nova Poshta" at the point of self-delivery - 35 UAH. If the goods are large, the shipping cost will be 80 UAH.


Having received the order for hands, you must sign a written confirmation. After that, the Buyer is transferred ownership of the product and any risks associated with its ownership and use, as well as, in particular, the risk of loss or damage.
Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer has the absolute right to check whether the goods were damaged during transport and whether the contents correspond to the order. In the event that you have discovered any breakdowns or the wrong goods were sent to you (exchange is possible), contact us - we will resolve any misunderstanding with the benefit for both sides!