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Green Apple "Trade-in Program"

Are you tired of the old Apple smartphone? Want to buy a newer model, but do not have time to sell it and wait for calls from potential buyers? Then the online store "Green Apple" will help you!

We offer something that is hard to refuse!

"Green Apple" is one of the few stores that offers you not only to buy new and high-quality Apple products, but also an offer that you can not refuse!
We offer you, dear customers, a program that allows you to significantly save on the purchase of a new device and is called "Green Apple Trade-in Program". The essence of this program is that you get a guaranteed discount on a new device, having handed over your old smartphone - take away its estimated value, get the final cost of the novelty with the maximum savings!

A few words about the terms of exchange:

Come to the store, at the address: Lviv, Svobody Avenue 5, shopping center Plasma, 2nd floor., Or online on our site - click on the "Buy" button (under the  "Green Apple Trade-in Program") and make a purchase! We will evaluate your device and tell you how much to pay to the chosen by you new model of technology Apple;
We accept any working device, but we do not accept a technique that has serious mechanical damages;
Customers who are 18 years of age or older are welcome to the exchange;
Documents, a box and accessories to the phone are not mandatory, but, notice that their availability increases the cost of the phone.
For whom is the "Green Apple Trade-in Program" available?

The program  "Green Apple Trade-in Program" is available to buyers from all over Ukraine. Make your purchase online or by phone, we will call you back and tell you how to conduct the "Green Apple Exchange".

Take part in the "Green Apple Exchange" right now! More than 2 thousand happy customers have used this service. It's time to become a happy owner of the novelty and you!